Our Breeding Kennel has been existing 25 years. I had lot of dogs of different breeds. But since, the time when we have bought Izaura-2 ( Zara )- the Great Dane of harlequin coloration I fell in love with this breed! The name of the kennel was formed from 3 parts: our names and the nickname of our first Great Dane, Izaura-2. Of course, I had read a lot about Great Danes, about their character and intellect but the reality exceeded all my previous expectations! I understood that a Great Dane is not simply a dog, but almost a human being! A Great Dane doesn't demand special training. All you need is to bring up him as the child, a lot talk to him. When a Great Dane constantly lives in a family, he really becomes human and starts to understand practically everything.
Now a few words about Zara. Izaura-2 (Zara) arrived here from St.Petersburg in December, 1992. It was something unusual and extraordinary! She differed distinctly from our local dogs. At that time Zara was like a "star". She was the winner at the shows for many times. You can see the photo of her last show in the magazine "Great Dane" 2/2001 (Russia). There you can also see the photo of her daughter Bonnie Berenicka Luizador, which had a victory over her mother for the first time then. I shall always love and remember Izaura - 2 (Zara)... ...

The best example of Great Dane for me is my favourite female Candy von Beelen from Germany. She grew up together with our kid Ksenia, my granddaughter. When I brought the dog home, Ksenia was only 12 months young. We were impressed by Candy’s attitude to all of us and especially to this little child. How she played with the kid and how she protected her! The dog allowed the kid to do anything. But she never hurt the child, never pushed her or stepped upon her, even when a little puppy. And thanks to Candy I loved this breed more and more! Candy was my dearest dog. I love her very much and shall never forget her.

   At present time, Luizador kennel is engaged with breeding Great Danes, harlequin and black coloration. The Breeding kennel uses in breeding the dogs taken from well-known European kennels. Our Danes of exceptional quality! Gorgeous heads of European type, very strong bones, very well-built, awesome torsos and fine temperament. In Luizador Kennel a lot of dogs of Champions. Our kennel is known not only in Russia, but also abroad. Over 300 Great Danes from our kennel live in different Countries of World.


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